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The human body has the ability to continually repair through a self-regenerative process. It is estimated that a body regenerates cells at the rate of 500 billion times per day. A healthy body uses this method of renewal, regeneration and growth to make it possible for genomes, cells, and organs to maintain healthy functions. This fundamental law of nature gives humans resilience to environmental threats or damaging events.

It has long been believed that the human brain could not rebuild, repair, or recover from damaging events. Then, at the turn of this millennium, scientists discovered the brain’s ability to regenerate, self-repair and change through neuroplasticity. Advanced technology has started a revolution in brain health and brain fitness programs.

We know the brain is the central control center for managing all body functions. New studies find that a key to brain health is found primarily in forming restful behaviors. Studies suggest that sleep helps restore the brain nightly by flushing out toxins that build up throughout the day. Sleep also has a restorative function. Lack of sleep impairs reasoning, problem-solving ability, focus and reaction times.

Vitanya utilizes advanced, non-invasive Bio-signal measurement, monitoring technologies, and brain training to gain valuable information, then applies principles of nutrition, exercise, and restful behaviors to help restore the brain to a balance that is unique to each individual.  Since the brain is the “central processing unit” for the body, better brain function improves sleep, restfulness, overall performance and helps improve immune function.



For decades, the prevailing belief in neuroscience was that the adult human brain is essentially immutable – in other words, fixed or hardwired, so that by the time we reach adulthood, we’re pretty much stuck with what we have. But science has over turned that research in the past few years. The adult brain has the power to change its structure and function in response to experience. It’s called “neuroplasticity.” The brain can be re-wired.

The brain is the central control center for managing all body functions. The human brain is estimated to have 100 billion nerve cells, each one with about 10,000 different connection. It orchestrates cell repair and regeneration, sensation and cognition, memory and motion as well as all vital body functions. Working together, your success will focus on brain fitness through balancing nutrition, and sleep.

Brain Balancing

Brain Balancing

Brain science is one of the most exciting areas of discovery today. Neuroplasticiy is a relatively recent finding that has shown that our brains are not stuck “as is”, but can be changed. The brain is now believed to self-repair and even regenerate neuropathways during deep restful sleep patterns. Explore brain balancing and brain fitness as a new way to improve your health.



Vitanya leads the industry in wellness performance programs for military veteran, law enforcement and first responder groups. Vitanya uses these programs to create a corporate performance program that focuses on stress, sleep and nutrition as a way to reduce brain fog and increase focus and productivity.

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