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Brain Fitness Drives Health

  • “Have had high blood pressure for years. After few visits at Vitanya my new Doctor did not believe 135/88 so she did it herself and it got 130/85. I am 71 years old”
  • “Whenever I can’t figure out why my body is stressed or not healthy, I go to Vitanya”
  • “I have had nightmares since four years ago. Now they are gone. Vitanya has people who really care.”
  • “Husband’s cognitive thinking has improved. A great resource for those who enjoy natural healing methods.”
  • “Since I first started coming, I feel so much better. Anxiety and fatigue has improved tremendously.”

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We encourage

  • Brain Fitness
  • Stress Reduction
  • Healthy Sleep Patterns
  • Neuroplasticity

Begin your wellness journey by discovering imbalances in your body. Together we will focus on developing a unique program designed to help you and your family achieve optimal wellness and brain performance.

The Importance of Family Health

Children model their parents’ behaviors, including those related to managing stress. Parents who deal with stress in unhealthy ways risk passing those behaviors on to their children. Alternatively, parents who cope with stress in healthy ways can not only promote better adjustment and happiness for themselves, but also promote the formation of critically important habits and skills in children.

– American Psychology Association

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