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Vitanya utilizes advanced, non-invasive Bio-signal measurement, monitoring technologies, and brain training to gain valuable information, then applies principles of nutrition, exercise, and restful behaviors to help restore the brain to a balance that is unique to each individual. Since the brain is the “central processing unit” for the body, better brain function improves sleep, restfulness, overall performance and helps improve immune function.

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Family Wellness

Family Wellness

We believe brain health delivers a direct pathway to lower healthcare costs. Our wellness centers provide signature programs to facilitate long-term wellness in a simple, effective and affordable ways.

American Heroes

Our Heroes

We seek opportunities to participate in causes that are important to the communities that we serve. We are intimately aware of the suffering and health crisis within our nation and strive to be part of the solution.

Brain Balancing

Brain Balancing

Brain science is one of the most exciting areas of discovery today. Explore brain balancing and brain fitness as a new way to improve your health.


Our Program

Vitanya provides drug free, technology driven wellness programs to support the body's own natural healing properties. We focus on discovering imbalances providing safe, non-intrusive pathways to optimize personal brain performance.

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Begin your wellness journey by discovering imbalances in your body. Together we will focus on developing your personalized program designed to help you achieve optimal wellness and brain performance. Schedule an appointment today with one of our wellness coaches to discover your pathway to Peak performance.