Supporting and ImprovingCommunity Achievement

Vitanya coaches work with children, students, athletes, parents and retirees to improve quality of life and achievement potential. Vitanya has now opened the door to increasing human potential through improving brain performance in the following areas.

  • Focus Increase academic achievement.
  • Memory Improve quality of life.
  • Mental Edge Compete at the highest level.
  • Resilience Deal with the stress of life.

Improving the Lives of Families, Foster Kids and Trauma Survivors

Suicide rates are up, especially among teenagers. Domestic abuse and assault are on the rise. Anxiety is an overwhelming problem across all demographics. We believe the brain holds the key to improving resilience, so we partnered with Heal the Hero Foundation on Veronica’s Initiative to improve the lives of women trauma survivors.

Vitanya continues to develop innovative programs and community partnerships to help survivors of sexual violence, foster children, and families.

  • Our Commitment to Foster Children:

    Our proprietary Brain Performance programs have helped those in foster care to reduce the effects of trauma and improve overall resilience.

  • Better Lives for Trauma Survivors:

    Vitanya’s programs are now being provided to help women of sexual and domestic abuse reduce the effects of trauma, increase healthy sleep, and improve overall quality of life.

  • "We have been highly impressed with the Vitanya program. This program offers us a drug-free, technology-driven solution of brain fitness that enhances our performance, the potential for better decision-making, improved reaction times, quality sleep and overall well-being. These are the outstanding results we have seen so far."
    Lee Rankin
    Investigations Assistant Chief, Mesa, AZ Police Department
  • "Careers with Special Ops leaves with what I call ‘lashes on the soul.’ But stumbling across Vitanya has been life- saving for myself and my wife. We have been on fire to get this to as many people as possible."
    Dave Boesch
    MSG, U.S. Army (Ret.), Former MSU Commando
  • "Other than my own family, nothing is more important to me than the wellbeing of those who protect and secure our freedom and safety. When these wonderful Veterans return to civilian life, some are suffering from seen and unseen trauma as a result of their many deployments. Heal the Hero Foundation and Vitanya are doing more to meet their needs than any organization I know."
    Jerry D. Holmes
    Major General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Norman, Oklahoma
Brain Performance for Life