First Responders

High Performancefor Our Heroes


Improved Performance. Increased brain performance allows for accelerated task execution by improving reaction times, focus, and working memory.

Extended Terms of Service. Improved mental health and well-being often leads to more service extensions, rotations, and/or longer service periods.

Increased Resilience as a Protective Factor. The brain is always changing as a result of environmental input. As the brain’s resilience to stress and trauma increases, those neuropathways provide better resistance to maladaptive changes that occur on the job.


Available Anywhere. Vitanya’s services can be provided at one of our locations, on-site, or even remotely. Access to power and the internet are the only requirements necessary to deliver complete system outcomes internationally.

Quick Results. Our experience shows that a successfully administered program will provide positive changes to neuropathways and create long-term improvement in as little as 24 weeks. No continuation is necessary.

Minimal time commitment. Our programs are delivered in 20-30-minute sessions.


Customized Team. We provide a specialized brain performance coach that works with each service member or first responder to provide a personalized program. Coaches monitor progress, ensure accountability to program requirements, and are certified on all technology, assessment, and session delivery.

Program Oversight. All programs are overseen by a licensed psychologist who provides quality control, progress oversight, and data collection, compilation, and reporting.

We provide monthly progress evaluation and reporting in three areas: post-traumatic stress disorder assessment; World Health Organization Four Domain Assessment (WHO-QOL-Bref); and Executive Functioning and Comprehensive Behavior Rating Assessment (CEFI-A).

  • "We have been highly impressed with the Vitanya program. This program offers us a drug-free, technology-driven solution of brain fitness that enhances our performance, the potential for better decision-making, improved reaction times, quality sleep and overall well-being. These are the outstanding results we have seen so far."
    Lee Rankin
    Investigations Assistant Chief, Mesa, AZ Police Department
  • "Careers with Special Ops leaves with what I call ‘lashes on the soul.’ But stumbling across Vitanya has been life- saving for myself and my wife. We have been on fire to get this to as many people as possible."
    Dave Boesch
    MSG, U.S. Army (Ret.), Former MSU Commando
  • "Other than my own family, nothing is more important to me than the wellbeing of those who protect and secure our freedom and safety. When these wonderful Veterans return to civilian life, some are suffering from seen and unseen trauma as a result of their many deployments. Heal the Hero Foundation and Vitanya are doing more to meet their needs than any organization I know."
    Jerry D. Holmes
    Major General, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), Norman, Oklahoma
Brain Performance for Life